The III Brazilian Congress of Landscape Ecology (III IALE-Br) will be held over three intense days and will consist of lectures and round tables, in addition to pre-event activities (mini-courses) and post-event activities (field trips).

The main goal of the event is to continue the work of developing Landscape Ecology as a scientific discipline and a tool for environmental planning and management at the national level, through the dissemination of scientific and technological production in this area of knowledge. This event represents the continuation of over a decade of work focused on this goal, beginning at the IALE-Br Meeting, held in April 2007 in Rio de Janeiro; at the I Latin American IALE Conference in October 2009 in Campos de Jordão (SP); and at the II IALE-Br conference held in September 2012 in Salvador.

The III IALE-Br will strengthen scientific development, expand the possibilities of practical applications of Landscape Ecology in Brazil and continue the work of the IALE
(International Association of Landscape Ecology) in Latin America. Although it is a national congress, researchers from all over Latin America and other parts of the world are expected to attend. The intention is to attract students and professionals from both academia as well as the technical, public and business sectors, with the goals of exchanging information and experiences, training personnel across all sectors of society and, above all, stimulating the formation of partnerships both nationally and internationally.