Event postponed to September 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Submission of proposals for symposia and short courses
The deadline for submitting proposals for symposia and short courses is May 15, 2020. Proposals must be submitted in the proper form, according to the rules available on the homepage of the event (http://eventos.ufabc.edu.br/ialebr2020/).

Submission of expanded abstracts

The deadline for submissions of expanded abstracts is July 3, 2020. Abstracts must be submitted using the appropriate form – it is mandatory to follow the standards for writing the expanded abstracts. Forms and standards are available on the event’s homepage (http://eventos.ufabc.edu.br/ialebr2020/). The first author must be registered and can submit up to two abstracts. The abstracts will be evaluated by members of the scientific committee and the result, including an indication of changes, if any, will be sent to the lead author by August 28, 2020, with a deadline of seven days for sending the final version of the expanded abstract.

Download the expanded abstract template here.