ISNaPol 2018 Mobile APP


For better serve you along the ISNaPol Symposium the organization is providing freely to all attendees and speakers the APP ABC Always Best Connection. We highly advise you to install the APP in order to:


  • Access all the congress content on your smartphone as: abstracts, presentations, schedule, etc.
  • Produce your credentials with personal picture (complete the subscription up to 18th may for customization)
  • Exchange contacts with all attendees
  • Event address and link with Google maps or Waze
  • Receive Symposium update news


Even though you already have done your subscription on the ISNaPol website we recommend you do it again now use ABC Always Best Connection.

If you have any problem to perform the subscription in the event or download the app, please follow the steps presented below.

After access the link in the e-mail, Select the highlighted button to start your subscription.

  Complete the blank spaces with your email and select a Password.

Select the Picture for your digital personal card and for your credential.

You will be able to share your card with other Symposium participants during the event. See the ABC app advantages in the following video:

  Complete the form with your personal information.
  Selected the highlighted button to participate in the event.
  Selected the highlighted button to confirm your presence.
  Selected the highlighted button to see a preview of your credential.
  Selected your personal card to generate the credential.

After Download the app in your smartphone fill the requested information.

After complete the e-mail verification, to access event information select the main menu.
Select the "Events" menu.
Select the Event to have access to the information menu.