Arrival Information

Google Maps works very well throughout the São Paulo Region, including giving route options by public transportation: Simply include the place of departure and arrival you will see the options

Below we suggest routes for the participants of the V SymTermes



SBC → São Bernardo campus of UFABC (EVENT'S PLACE)
IBIS → Ibis Hotel, São Bernardo do Campo
GRU → Guarulhos International Airport

The most comfortable option for those coming from Guarulhos Airport is to use an app (Uber, 99 Taxi). The average value of the course is R $ 85.00. It pays to match the arrival and divide the value.

GRU → São Paulo/Tatuapé

Other Options:

Tatuapé → Santo André

  • Take the Subway in the direction Palmeiras Barra Funda until station Brás
  • In Brás Station, take the train (CPTM) in the direction to “Rio Grande da Serra” util the station Prefeito Celso Daniel

Santo André → SBC

Train station (CPTM) Celso Daniel →  UFABC São Bernardo do Campo

  • Probably the best option are Uber or 99 Apps
  • But to go by public transport: go to “Terminal Oeste” (in the Station Celso Daniel), Platform H and take the bus 285 named “São Bernardo do Campo (Terminal Metropolitano Ferrazópolis)”
  • Get off at stop point Etec / Fatec / Senai
  • Walk 4 min until square Samuel Sabatini, 455
  • Take the bus “050 São Paulo (Saúde)“
  • Get off at Av. Sen. Vergueiro 2000
  • Walk 1.1 km to SBC

São Paulo → IBIS ou SBC (every day)

Google Maps: 

  • Go to the subway station Sacomã (Green line – Linha Verde)
  • Go to “Terminal Sacomã – Plataforma 1” – sampe place as the Subway Station
  • Take the bus “EMTU 153 – São Bernardo do Campo (Conjunto Terra Nova II)”
  • To IBIS: Get off at Av. Sen. Vergueiro, 290 and walk 140 m
  • To SBC: Get off at Av. Sen. Vergueiro, 2399 and walk 1 km