Registrations Fees

All fees are quoted in Brazilian Reais

Undergrad student R$ 45,00 R$ 20,00
Masters’ candidate R$ 105,00 R$ 30,00
PhD candidate R$ 135,00 R$ 40,00
Professionals (Posdocs) R$ 225,00 R$ 50,00
Other professionals R$ 300,00 R$ 50,00

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Due to the high bank charges for international transfers we made the bank transfer option available only to participants living in Brazil or that have an account in a Brazilian bank.
If you have an account in Brazilian bank, payment should be made through nominal deposit to the IUSSI-SecBras bank account:


Banco do Brasil
International Union for the Study of Social Insects
CNPJ: 20.118.456/0001-68
Agência: 1969-0
Conta: 6736-9

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